Entry #1

Hello Everyone!

2015-03-12 15:44:00 by kurumilover

Well, hey there! Figurd after a week of popping in and out and posting a few pictures, I should probably go ahead and introduce myself. My name's Jon, and I'm a freelance artist who's been creeping around Newgrounds on and off since like 2008, but never started an account.

I got a bunch of more pictures to go up at some point, and in my spare time of not working on commission work and other projects, I'm making my own comic series as well as a (very low quality) animated adaptation of it, which I honestly would like to upload here and here some critical feedback (but am frightened haha). I wanna get back to using Flash which I haven't touched in about 6 years, but as of now, I'm animating it frame by frame 1:

Anywho, hope to see and interact with some more of you guys as I get more warmed up here. If you're interested in commissioning me, hit me up. Also, I have a Patreon page if you're interested in checking out! You can find all my links I think are cool enough to include here on my page somewhere.

Feel free to give me pointers as I'm noobin' around.




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2015-03-12 16:38:11

I'm currently getting back into animation too.

I'm working on an unfinished collab and I might commission you for help.

I'll tell you about it at a later time.

kurumilover responds:

Oh sweet dude! Thanks for considering me c:
And good luck on your animation!


2015-03-13 02:29:48

Hai there and welcome to Newgrounds! :D


2015-03-13 02:57:58

Yo, welcome!

kurumilover responds:

Thanks so much c: